Are you concerned about the hot summer heat effecting your container? Why not try a TEMPLINER???

A Templiner is a specialised aluminium liner that fits into either a 20′ or 40’Container. The aluminium properties of the Templiner offer the ability to reflect 95% of the temperature transferred by means of convection. The container becomes a thermos and therefore maintains and even temperature inside despite outside conditions.

The Templiner is a far cheaper alternative to using an insulated container.

Ideal for long or short term storage, particularly for items such as antiques, delicate or household goods, some food products, wine, cars, exporting cargo, etc.

Available in 20′ and 40′ standard height containers. Fitted with double sided tape which can be easily removed once no longer required.

  • Ex. Albury-
  • 20’Templiner-$150+GST
  • 40’Templiner-$200+GST
  • Tape-$18+GST per roll
  • Ex Albury-Cost to fit-$50+GST
  • Plus postage & Handling

How The Templiner Works!