Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Operational and Non Operational Reefers available. Three Phase power required to operate.

20′ Reefer

  • AvailableĀ as Operational or Non Operational Units.
  • Operational units are ideal cool rooms or freezer units.
  • Three phase power is required to operate.
  • Non Operational are ideal for storage and modifying into portable housing.
  • Also great for storing wine or other products that may be sensitive to extreme temperatures.
Width Length Height
External 2.4m 6.1m 2.6m
Internal 2.28m 5.83m 2.27m
Internal Cubic Capacity – 25.4 cubic metres
Tare Weight – 2600-2900kg
3 phase; 415 Volts; 50 Hz; 3.9 Kw; 8.9 Amps.

40′ High Cube Reefer

  • Available in Operational and Non Operational Units.
  • Operational Units require 3 Phase Power. Great as coolrooms or freezers.
  • Ideal for commercial businesses.
  • Non Operational Units ideal for storage and modified into portable housing.
Width Length Height
External 2.4m 12.1m 2.9m
Internal 2.28m 11.60m 2.51m
Internal Cubic Capacity – 53.15 cubic metres
Tare Weight – 4500kg (Varies)
3 phase; 415 Volts; 50 Hz; 3.9 Kw; 8.9 Amps.