Fire Shelter / Wine Cellar

Rural Container Supplies are proud to introduce our Custom made Fire Shelters that can double as a Wine Cellar or Storage Facility.


Owner and Project Manager David Nichols was interviewed in relation to Fire Shelters by Joseph Thomsen on the ABC Radio in December 2012. To listen to interview please click here (Please note prices have changed since this interview)  Joseph Thomsen from ABC Radio Interviews David Nichols on Fire Shelters

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Special Features include:                                   

  • Durable design made from 40MPA reinforced concrete with a 100mm wall thickness.
  • Double plated, insulated steel door comes fitted with a fire window allowing the occupants to see what is going on outside and know when it is safe to leave.
  • The door is fitted with the highest quality industrial thermal seals available and 1400°C x 50mm thick Fire Blanket inside the door.
  • Bunker is lockable, although also includes an internal safety latch for extra safety – Occupants cannot be locked inside!!
  • Units can be freestanding or ideally buried or submerged in to an embankment.
  • Fits up to 6 adults (pets too!) for a period of two hours. In most cases, you should only need to be inside for 15-20 minutes. Approx 8 cubic meters.
  • Comes with a concrete base.
  • Designed for easy unloading with a tray truck and hiab crane. Bunker has lifting lugs that allow it to be positioned.
  • Tapered roof line allowing water run off.
  • New Heavy Duty Container Door hinges are used with brass bearings (no plastic!).
  • You choice of Wine rack or shelving fitted on rear wall.
  • Double glazed fire window.
The advantage to this bunker is that there is no climbing down or crawling into. It allows easy and safe access for all ages and their four legged furry friends to walk in and out.
Specifications – Currently one size available
  • Weight 7.5 Tonne for base and shelter.
  • Dimensions- External 2300mm x 2300mm x 2300mm high. Internal 2100mm x 2100mm x 2050mm high.
  • Internal space is approx 8 cubic meters.
These Fire Safety shelters have been designed so they can be delivered on a tray truck and unloaded with crane.
Shelter can be positioned once area has been cleared. It is recommended that the area be cleared of trees, rubbish or any other objects that would encourage fire damage.

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